Laura E. Knights, LCSW 

for visionary women entrepreneurs

Chicago    |    Atlanta

Here's your opportunity to grow your business and make more money doing work that you love in a supportive community of like-minded people. 

Dear Visionary Woman Entrepreneur,

Imagine having the business and life of your dreams—the flexibility to have control over your own time and making money doing the work you love—with support and encouragement from other entrepreneurs who understand your vision and are willing to help you to make it happen. Wouldn't that be amazing? What would that mean for you?

Currently, you are probably doing it alone. And instead of being the CEO of the business of your dreams and living the life you desire, you are feeling…

  • Isolated because many people in your current circles dont "get" or support what you are trying to do
  •  Discouraged because your cash flow is inconsistent, and you know that you can help people with what you have to offer
  • Overwhelmed and lacking clarity on the next steps you to need to take to get your business to the next level
  • Frustrated with yourself because you are tired of procrastinating, sitting on your creative ideas, and not seeing the growth in your business that you know you are capable of 

Sound familiar?

It doesn't have to be this way.  You don't have to do this all by yourself.

It's time.  Time to develop a strategic plan to implement your creative ideas, make more money, and put the systems in place that will allow you to work smarter and not harder. It's time to finally start making consistent money you can count on while serving the world at the level you've been called to. You're ready to do this.

Before I tell you more about The Dream Builders Mastermind Circle, let me introduce myself…

Hi, I'm Laura Knights, a life and business strategist and the founder of The Dream Builders Mastermind Circle. For the last six years, I've used my unique background in business, social work, and program development to help entrepreneurs package their expertise for profit using the same strategies I've used to "productize" my own skills and create a six-figure business. I'm head-over-heels in love with helping passionate women entrepreneurs implement a system to turn their skills into dollars.

In my coaching work, I've met so many women who are powerful beyond measure, but for many reasons are not fully aware of or accepting of that power. I created The Dream Builders Mastermind Circle to provide a safe and supportive space for women entrepreneurs like you to get the accountability, support, encouragement, and coaching to build their dream business and life--all while surrounded by a community of like-minded people that genuinely want to see you win.

My passion is to help visionary women entrepreneurs like you... 

  • Gain clarity about the exact business direction, offerings, and ideal clients that will help you maximize your revenue potential in the marketplace
  • Develop a comprehensive strategic plan, with action steps and timelines, so you can leverage opportunity areas in your business where you can produce the biggest results in the shortest amount of time
  • Discover new ways to use your expertise to create additional money streams in your business
  • Nurture yourself physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally while you grow your business
  • Awaken your power, grow your confidence, and walk boldly in your God-given purpose and vision
  • Create a supportive non-competitive community to hold you accountable to the vision you have for your life , and to support you in the midst of life’s challenges as you move forward to accomplish that vision

Let's grow your business TOGETHER!

The Dream Builders Advantage 

The Dream Builders Mastermind Circle is a six-month business coaching and advisory group for women entrepreneurs to help you grow your business in a supportive community, so you can make more money and create the life you desire with less stress and isolation. Members participate in monthly in-person mastermind sessions, and receive training, individual coaching, and virtual accountability in between sessions to incrementally grow their businesses over the six-month program.  There are groups in Chicago and the Atlanta-Metro area.

The multiple components of the program work together to create a synergy of growth in your business and personal development.  This process is proven and effective because it helps you make incremental progress on achieveing your goals one step at a time. This prevents you from being stressed out and overwhelmed, and helps you really feel confident and empowered to make progress in your business.

Here's a sample of what members have experienced as a result of participating in the program:

  • Made a 100% return on her Dream Builders investment with one paid speaking engagement
  • Earned FIVE TIMES her Dream Builders investment in revenue from NEW offerings created during the program
  • Hired three staff members resulting in less time working IN the business
  • Created an eCourse for passive income and obtained paid registrations for it
  • Published a book and promoted it on a multi-city book tour
  • Trademarked and formally incorporated her business after working as a full-time freelancer
  • Landed national media spots as a guest expert
  • Updated website and branding to attract more ideal clients
  • Crafted her signature talk and secured a paid speaking engagement as a result
  • Created a consulting offering and realized her goal of serving corporate clients to increase her income
  • Obtained a speaking engagment at an international IT industry conference
  • Increased prices and obtained new clients at her higher price point
  • Created, implemented, and MAINTAINED a self-care plan to take care of herself mentally, physically, and emotionally
  • Increased their confidence around speaking, social media, networking, marketing their offerings

Productivity and results are just some of the byproducts of the Dream Builder experience.  You  can also experince results like this, and more! L et's grow your business TOGETHER so you can achieve more in six months than you have in the last few years!

Here's what is included in The Dream Builders Mastermind Circle program: 

After the retreat, you will return home and participate in the remainder of the program in your respective city (Chicago or Atlanta). 

In addition to the retreat, your investment also includes:


The first half of our monthly in-person half day session is devoted to our training modules. The monthly training modules are a critical component of the program, and provide the knowledge-base to assist members with their individual business goals.  Training content includes:

  • Clarifying Your Brand Promise & Presence
  • Marketing Strategies to Attract Your Tribe
  • Sales Strategy to Close the Deal
  • Money Mindset & Pricing Strategy
  • Client Systems to Create Brand Ambassadors
  • Tracking Your Money & Business Budgeting
  • Systematizing Your Business & Automation
  • Tech Tools to Help You Work Smarter & Not Harder

The second half of our monthly in-person half day sessions is devoted to our powerful mastermind component. In "Think & Grow Rich," Napoleon Hill defined a Mastermind as "the coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony."

You'll  use your own dedicated timeslot at each monthly session (February - June) to share business challenges you are facing and receive feedback from  your peers and I.  You’ll leave each session with a a set of specific action steps to move your business plan forward. 

Having the "collective mind" of me and your fellow Dream Builders, who will each bring their own skills and expertise, is a powerful experience that allows you to use the synergy of the group to quickly determine your next steps to move your business forward.


Your investment includes individual laser coaching via five 60-minute sessions you can use anytime during the program to further personalize the training content to your business. In these sessions, we'll dive deeper into the specific tactics and strategies to grow your unique business.  We will craft specific action steps to help you leverage the opportunity areas in your business where you can produce the biggest results in the shortest amount of time.


Starting with the retreat, you will receive an easy action implementation guide after each training session. These quick-reference guides provide a user-friendly step-by-step format to help you implement the training material in your business right away.


Accountability is EVERYTHING in the Dream Builders Community!  These virtual conference calls and Facebook Live sessions with Laura will help you stay on track to complete your action steps in between meetings.


Did I say accountability is EVERYTHING?! Iron sharpens iron! You will also be connected with a dedicated accountability partner from your group that will provide more intense one-on-one support during the entire six-month process.  The expectation is that you will check in with your accountability partner virtually or in-person at least one time per month.


You’ll receive unlimited email support from me via my secure online client portal throughout the six-month program  so you are supported every step of the way!

The Dream Builders Mastermind Circle 

Join the Chicago or Atlanta group!


Testimonials from recent
Dream Builders Mastermind Circle participants:

  • "I made back my full Dream Builders investment from one paid speaking engagement using the strategies that I learned while working with Laura!"
    Dr. Shaniqua Jones
    Motivational Speaker &
    Restorative Justice Consultant
  • "After working with Laura, I have what it takes to scale my business. I hired two staff members and delegated administrative tasks. I've developed systems that allow me to spend less time working IN the business."
    Addie Anderson, LCPC
    Begin Within Counseling & Coaching Services, Inc.
  • "When I joined Dream Builders, I really needed help with focus and consistency. Laura helped me to understand what internal systems I needed in place so I could feel good about the potential of my business."
    Toni Husbands
    Debt Free Divas
  • Prior to joining Dream Builders, I had not considered having a coach nor did I see the value of it. I’ve experienced so much growth…especially in my confidence. I was able to enhance my offerings so I didn’t leave any loopholes in my services. I have had a lot of success…I went from not booking any clients to booking clients and getting regular repeat clients, and even some monthly retainers.

    Aaja Corinne Magee
    Image Consultant & Brand Stylist




  • Being in corporate America all my life, I had no idea how to shift from someone’s employee to running my own business. Laura taught me how to combine my years of nursing with massage therapy to make my business something people wanted to invest in as a lifestyle change. Now, I’m working less as a nurse and more in my company. I’ve decreased to only working in the hospital 1-2 times per month because my massage therapy clientele has increased!


    Marcia Cutright, RN, LMT 
    Power of Touch Massage Therapy
  • Dream Builders stretched me to  realize my fullest potential.  Efficient Estates was simply a tool in our tax strategy when I joined the community.  We evolved into a brand as a result of my participation in the program. The most valuable asset had to be the systems that Laura pushed us to develop.  When properly implemented, htose systems run our business for us.
    Monica Harris
    Efficient Estates
  • When I joined Dream Builders,  I was a little lost. I really needed help with aligning my business to the market, ideal clients, and positive cash flow. Laura helped me to get a hold of my business.  I have a better understanding of my sales and marketing systems, and I feel better prepared for the days ahead.


    Jhmira Alexander
    Social Media Maven of 29Eleven Consulting
  • Being a Dream Builder helped me to restore my confidence. I now have a clearer direction in my business offerings, and a clear picture of how to add more revenue to my business from integrating corporate consulting. 

    Jacqueline Carson, Temple Fitness

  • When I started Dream Builders,  I really needed help with organizing my many thoughts into action steps. Laura helped me to make sense this. I’ve gained clarity! I've grown more confident in not just myself but in my capabilities as an entrepreneur. I learned that there's nothing I can NOT accomplish once I set a goal and set a date to achieve that goal. 

    Alisha D. Harris, Illinois Real Estate Broker

Jumpstart Retreat
January 26-28, 2018

We'll  get started with your three-day jumpstart retreat at Lanier Islands Resort in Buford, GA (just 40 miles north of Atlanta, GA). Both the Chicago & Atlanta groups will come together for this three-day transformational retreat.

You’ll get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life on amidst the beautiful backdrop of Lake Lanier and our luxury accommodations. You’ll meet and connect with your fellow Dream Builders, set your intentions, and create your productivity plan and BIG business goals for the new year.  Retreat activities, your double-room accomodations, meals, snacks, and training materials are ALL included in the membership fee.  You’ll just cover the airfare, if applicable.  

Here's our agenda for the retreat:

  • FRIDAY, JANUARY 26, 2018 (Activities start at 2:30pm)
    • Meet and greet with your fellow Dream Builders
    • Core Values Assessment Debrief 
    • Accountability Partner Match Up & Expectations Exercise
    • Lunch & Dinner with the group
    • Vision Board party
  •  SATURDAY, JANUARY 27, 2018
    • Breakfast  & Lunch with the group
    • Dream Builders Program Orientation
    • Business Model Clarity Planning Session
    • Identifying & Understanding Your Ideal Client
    • Market Research Challenge
    • Personal Rest & Relaxation Time
    • "CHOPPED: Dream Builders Edition" -Culinary Class & Team Cooking Competition with the resort's Executive Chef (so much fun!)
  •  SUNDAY, JANUARY 28, 2018 (Activites end at 1:00pm)
    • Breakfast with the group
    • Goal Setting & Productivity Planning
    • Prayer & Setting Intentions for the Year

You'll leave the retreat with new bonds formed with your fellow Dream Builders, and a productivity plan to help you kick off the year with great expectations!  And this is just the beginning!

Laura E. Knights, LCSW
Life & Business Strategist

About Laura

Laura E. Knights, LCSW is an author, speaker, and life & business strategist that has been developing personal and professional development programs for the last 15 years. Her expertise and background in both business and as a licensed clinical social worker, uniquely equip her to teach others how to deal with both the "head work" and "heart work" required to succeed in business and in life.

In her coaching practice, she helps solo-entrepreneurs package their expertise for profit without losing themselves in the process. Through individual and group coaching programs, Laura helps her clients strengthen their confidence and emotional intelligence skills, while also implementing strategies and tactics to create more profitable businesses.

Laura received her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration and Graduate Certificate in Non-profit Management from Washington University in St. Louis. She obtained her Master’s in Social Work from DePaul University, and has a clinical social work license in the State of Illinois. She is the owner of Laura E. Knights Coaching & Consulting,  Founder of the Dream Builders Mastermind Circle, and Principal Strategist for Knights Consulting Group, an employee engagement consultancy that assists corporations with team and leadership development.

Laura has always had a passion for inspiring individuals to discover their talents, unleash their full potential, and walk in their destiny.  She has spoken to audiences ranging from 20 to 300 people. Her encounters with others through her speaking, training, and coaching, have been described as transformational, enlightening, life changing, and "an answer to prayer."  For her work, she has been featured in JET Magazine, Rolling Out Magazine, WGN TV & Radio, WVON Radio, and WCIU’s You and Me This Morning Show.


Show me an entrepreneur who doesn't invest in herself, and I'll show you an entrepreneur struggling to get others to pay for her services. Investing in yourself translates to the energy and customers you attract to your business.

To get this level of positive impact on your business, you could do one-on-one coaching for the same cost but with much less components and value than what is included in the Dream Builders Mastermind Circle.  And there are untold costs to struggling to figure everything out on your own. I wanted to make this option affordable for you, yet jam-packed with so much value for your investment.

You may be saying...

“Am I ready for this?” 

“I‘m too busy to commit right now.”

“I can’t afford it.”

It’s so easy to trap yourself in the “too busy” or the “I can’t afford it” cycle. If you don’t do anything different, nothing is going to change. You’re going to stay busy, unfulfilled, and struggling.

But you CAN break out of this cycle. 

You must invest some time and money into yourself to grow your business and give yourself a chance to really do this at the level you dream about. You’ve got to invest in yourself to create a viable and profitable business model. The only person who’s going to make your business vision a reality is YOU and it starts here. Its starts now.

    & SAVE $500! 
    • Three-day Jumpstart Retreat
    • 5 Monthly Training Sessions
    • 5 Monthly Mastermind Sessions
    • 5 Individual Strategy Sessions
    • 6 Easy Action Implementation Guide
    • Monthly Group Accountability Call
    • Accountability Partner
    • Unlimited Email Support
    • Core Values Assessment & Debrief
    • Access to Guest Expert Calls
    • Access to Private Facebook Group
    • Access to Goals that Stick! Self-Guided Online Course
    • Copy of Power & Profit in Partnership book and accompanying DVD
    • Lifetime Membership in the Dream Builders Mastermind Circle Community
    OF $500 
    • Three-day Jumpstart Retreat
    • 5 Monthly Training Sessions
    • 5 Monthly Mastermind Sessions
    • 5 Individual Strategy Sessions
    • 6 Easy Action Implementation Guide
    • Monthly Group Accountability Call
    • Accountability Partner
    • Unlimited Email Support
    • Core Values Assessment & Debrief
    • Access to Guest Expert Calls
    • Access to Private Facebook Group
    • Access to Goals that Stick! Self-Guided Online Course
    • Copy of Power & Profit in Partnership book and accompanying DVD
    • Lifetime Membership in the Dream Builders Mastermind Circle Community

What happens after you apply?
Due to the intimate nature of this program, attendance is by application only via a simple, two-step process.
Step 1. You'll schedule a discovery call with me to discuss how the program can help you grow your business. 
 Step 2. You'll complete a short application prior to your call so that we can maximize our time on the call.

On the call, you'll get your questions answered, and together we will determine if Dream Builders is right for you. If  
both parties agree that you are a good fit for the program, you will be offered membership, complete your member agreement, and pay the initial deposit (or full pay).  Confirmed participants will receive a welcome packet with orientation details for the Jumpstart Retreat in Georgia (January 26-28, 2018) for all members.  Regular monthly meetings will take place February - June in Chicago and Atlanta.

I hope you’ll give yourself this special opportunity to make this YOUR year of success. I invite YOU to make a commitment to yourself, and take ACTION to build your dream NOW. I’m so excited to support you to get clarity on your business strategy, maximize your multiple income streams, and finally start living your dream!

Say “YES!” to your future now.

With high hopes for your success,



Plus, you'll receive these BONUSES! 

A Core Values Index™ Assessment and debrief  to help connect to your wired-in nature and to ensure that you are using your top strengths to your advantage and fully leveraging the unique talents you bring to the table.
Exclusive access to my network of guest business experts, via monthly conference calls. These experts will share critical information to assist you in making your business a viable entity. These experts will cover topics such as branding and social media strategies, choosing the right legal structure for your business, website development, business finances & taxes, and more.
Access to private closed Facebook group to remain connected to members between meetings and get inspiration, ask additional questions, get feedback, seek resources, and more
Free access to my online self-guided Goals that Stick™ Master Class to help you create a blueprint, with action steps and timelines, to turn your vision into reality.
A copy of my book, The Power & Profit in Partnership: An Actionable Guide to Help Solopreneurs Grow Their Business Through Joint Ventures, and the accompanying DVD.
Lifetime membership in the Dream Builders Mastermind Circle Community.  This includes access to our social media community and special retreats and events for the lifetime of our company.

More Testimonials from Dream Builders:

  • When I joined Dream Builders, I was feeling overwhelmed. I really needed help with moving beyond analysis paralysis. After working with Laura ,I realized the need to staff up and accelerate the transition from solopreneur to President of a full-fledged firm. Being in a supportive environment has been very helpful. Also, being held accountable for my goals has been valuable. Knowing that I would be reporting progress to the group provided motivation for me to accomplish tasks.


    Shauna Cox, President, QurityTech

  • After joining Dream Builders, I began to develop a sense of confidence in my ability to achieve greatness. Being able to truly tap into my unique qualities and learn how to exel from innate abilities is something I learned how to do while being a part of this group. You can't really put a price on that.


    Vanessa Abron, Media Relations Maven

    • I’ve had a ton of growth since I joined Dream Builders. I have a clear business plan, and a clear awareness of how to make money in my business. Dream Builders is a really smart move if you are an entrepreneur. It’s home away from home with like-minded people. It will change your life and your business. 


      Janice Gonzalez, Tall District