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ATTENTION visionary women entrepreneurs…

Here’s your opportunity to grow your business and make more money doing work that you love in a supportive community of like-minded people

Dear Visionary Woman,

Imagine having the business and life of your dreams—the flexibility to have control over your own time and making money doing the work you love—with support and encouragement from other entrepreneurs who understand your vision and are willing to help you to bring it to pass. Wouldn't that be amazing? What would that mean for you?

Currently, you are probably doing it alone. And instead of being the CEO of the business of your dreams and living the life you desire, you are feeling…
  • Isolated because many people in your current circles don’t “get” or support what you are trying to do
  • Discouraged because your cash flow is inconsistent, and sometimes non-existent, and you know that you can help people with what you have to offer
  • Overwhelmed and lacking clarity on the next steps you need to take to get your business to the next level
  • Unfulfilled and bored at your day job because you know that you should be serving the world on a bigger scale
  • Frustrated with yourself because you are tired of procrastinating and sitting on your creative ideas, and not seeing the growth in your business that you know you are capable of
Sound familiar?

It doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to do this all by yourself.

It’s time. Time to develop a strategic plan to implement all your creative ideas to take your business to the next level. It’s time to finally start making consistent money, fulfilling your purpose, and serve the world at the level you have been called to. You’re ready to do this.
Before I tell you more about Dream Builders Mastermind Circle, let me introduce myself…
My name is Laura, and I use my unique background in business, social work, and program development to help service-provider entrepreneurs package their expertise for profit. I am head-over-heels in love with helping passionate women entrepreneurs implement a system to turn their skills into dollars.
In my coaching work, I’ve met so many women who are powerful beyond measure, but for many reasons are not fully aware of or accepting of that power. My passion is to help visionary women entrepreneurs like you...
  • Unleash and grow your business idea an align it with your purpose, interests, and passion
  • Develop a comprehensive and strategic plan, with action steps and timelines, to gain clarity on how to grow your business or bring a new business idea to life
  • Discover multiple ways to make money to support yourself and your family
  • Nurture yourself physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally while you grow your business
  • Awaken your power, live fearlessly, and walk boldly in your God-given purpose and vision
  • Create a supportive community to hold you accountable to the vision you have for your life , and to support you in the midst of life’s challenges as you move forward to accomplish that vision
This is why I created the Dream Builders Mastermind Circle—to provide a safe and supportive space for women entrepreneurs like you to get the accountability, support, encouragement, and coaching to build their dream business and life, all while surrounded by a group of like-minded people that genuinely want to see you win..

I’ve been a participant in two mastermind groups on my journey to this point. The women in those groups challenged me to stop hiding from my purpose and to play biger in my own life. Those masterminds were crucial for the breakthrough I needed to walk in my destiny, and I want to give that same gift to you.
Enter the Dream Builders Mastermind Circle...
The Dream Builders Mastermind Circle is a nine-month business coaching and advisory group for visionary women entrepreneurs founded in 2012.

In a supportive community, members participate in a monthly mastermind sessions and receive training, coaching, mentoring, and accountability to incrementally grow their businesses over a nine-month period. The group meets in-person on the fourth Saturday of the month in the South Loop area of Chicago from January - September.
What is a Mastermind Group?
A mastermind group is a select group of people who work together to help each member of the group overcome challenges and achieve their goals. With regard to its use in business, the term was first coined by Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich. However, the mastermind or "circle" concept has been used by indigenous cultures for community decision-making for centuries.

In Think & Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill defined Mastermind as “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”

As a Dream Builder, you will:
  • Get crystal clear on your business strategy and how you can make money from it
  • Be 100% supported in a safe, non-competitive environment from a group of like-minded individuals who are invested in your success, just as you will be invested in theirs
  • Receive business training and coaching to help you build a sustainable business from every angle
  • Amaze yourself as you take concrete steps and make more progress in your business months than you’ve made in the last few years combined!
  • Receive lifetime access to the Dream Builders Community
Testimonials from a few of the Dream Builders from past sessions...
Dream Builders stretched me to realize my fullest potential. Efficient Estates was simply a tool in our tax strategy when I joined the community. We evolved into a brand as a result of my participation. The most valuable asset had to be the systems that Laura pushed us to develop. When properly implemented, those systems run our business for us.
Monica HarrisEfficient Estates
Prior to joining Dream Builders, I had not considered having a coach nor did I see the value of it. I’ve experienced so much growth…especially in my confidence. I was able to enhance my offerings so I didn’t leave any loopholes in my services. I have had a lot of success…I went from not booking any clients to booking clients and getting regular repeat clients, and even some monthly retainers.
Aaja Corrine MageeImage Consultant & Brand Stylist
The Dream Builders program not only helped me solve problems related to my organization, but it also helped me grow professionally. My confidence grew as I was challenged. I am grateful for the experience.
Misty McMorrisA Diamond's Heart NFP
Prior to joining the group, I was lost. I had a big picture, but I didn’t have the strategies in place to get there. I was exhausting the same ideas over and over. Being in this group has given me a first class ticket to get to the next level!
Chundria StanbackChundria Stanback Studios | Media Personality
Since becoming a Dream Builder I have become more confident and purposeful in working on and in my business, and with potential clientele. I found my unique voice in a very large market. Having a network like this at your fingertips is so powerful and invigorating!
Ruth WalkerIndependent Mary Kay Consultant
After joining Dream Builders, I began to develop a sense of confidence in my ability to achieve greatness. Being able to truly tap into my unique qualities and learn how to exel from innate abilities is something I learned how to do while being a part of this group. You can't really put a price on that.
Vanessa AbronMedia Relations Maven
Here's what you will experience as a Dream Builder:
Monthly Mastermind Sessions
Nine half-day monthly meetings with me and the rest of the group from January – September in Chicago for coaching & training, masterminding, and implementing the content you are learning.
Training for Business and Life
Mini group training sessions at the start of each meeting on topics such your ideal client, marketing & branding, creating multiple streams of income, pricing & packaging, mindset, self-care, priority management, and more.
Dedicated Time
Your own dedicated time slot at each meeting to share a specific business challenge and receive feedback from me and your peers. Individual time on each session's agenda is a critical feature of a true mastermind group.
Implementation Guides
Leave each meeting with a set of specific action steps to move your business forward. Get accountability to complete your action steps in between meetings, and receive monthly implementation guides that will detail your next steps.
Accountability Partner
You will be connected to a dedicated accountability partner from your group, who will provide more intense one-on-one support in between monthly sessions.

Individual Coaching via Strategy Sessions
You will receive five 60 minute one-on-one strategy calls with me to use at any time during the program. These calls will help you further develop a hot idea or plan that emerges from the group session.
Unlimited Email Support
Your membership comes with unlimited email support throughout the process so you are supported every step of the way.

The Dream Builders Advantage...

The multiple components of the program work together to create a synergy of growth in your business and personal life. This process is proven and effective because it helps you make incremental progress on meeting your goals one step at a time.

This prevents you from being stressed out and overwhelmed, and helps you really feel confident, capable and empowered to make progress in your business.
A few more testimonials...
I’ve had a ton of growth since I joined Dream Builders. I have a clear business plan, and a clear awareness of how to make money in my business. Dream Builders is a really smart move if you are an entrepreneur. It’s home away from home with like-minded people. It will change your life and your business.
Janice GonzalezTall District
You bring the discipline and the Dreambuilders Mastermind Circle will bring the rest. If you are looking to learn the intricacies of the fundamentals of entrepreneurship in an inviting and inspiring environment, look no further. Business and life lessons rolled into one...invaluable experience!
Nikki TuckerThe FIIRM Approach
Being in corporate America all my life, I had no idea how to shift from someone’s employee to running my own business. Laura taught me how to combine my years of nursing with massage therapy to make my business something people wanted to invest in as a lifestyle change. Now, I’m working less as a nurse and more in my company. I’ve decreased to only working in the hospital 1-2 times per month because my massage therapy clientele has increased!
Marcia Cutright, RN, LMTPower of Touch Massage Therapy
Tell your story in the midst of people who are working towards the same goals as you! As a Dream Builder, not only do you get the opportunity to grow your business, but you also have the chance to support other individuals striving for similar success.
Nyah GriffinShamrok Catering & Event Services
There is nothing quite like Dream Builders! You get a bomb business coach while working with a group of female entrepreneurs. Iron sharpens iron. You literally learn how to build your business.
Aneesah AliLA in Chicago Dating Consultancy
The resources Dream Builders provided are invaluable! This phenomenal group of women gave me the encouragement and support I needed to get out of my own head and build my business.
Angie PestanoSweet Pea 'n Me Crafts
So, how much does it cost?
To get this level of positive impact on your business, you could do one-on-one coaching or join another expensive mastermind group. And there are untold costs to struggling to figure everything out on your own. I wanted to make this option affordable for you, yet jam-packed with so much value for your investment.
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comparable mastermind price
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You may be saying...
“Am I ready for this?”

“I‘m too busy to commit right now.”

“I can’t afford it.”
It’s so easy to trap yourself in the “too busy” or the “I can’t afford it” cycle. If you don’t do anything different, nothing is going to change. You’re going to stay busy, unfulfilled, and struggling.

But you CAN break out of this cycle.

You must invest some time and money into yourself to get your business off the ground and give yourself a chance to really do this. You’ve got to invest in yourself to create a viable and profitable business model. The only person who’s going to make your business vision a reality is YOU and it starts here. Its starts now.
Here's even MORE value for your investment with these bonuses:
So after I apply, then what?
After you click the "Apply Now" button, here are the next steps in the process:
next steps
Just to recap, here's everything you get when you become a Dream Builder:
I invite YOU to follow your purpose, make a commitment to yourself, and take ACTION to build your dream and grow your business NOW.”

I hope you’ll give yourself this special opportunity to make this YOUR year of success. I’m so excited to support you to get clarity on your business strategy, identify multiple income streams, and finally start living your dream!

Say “YES!” to your future now.

With high hopes for your success,
laura sig
Laura E. Knights, LCSW
Life & Business Strategist
About Laura
Laura E. Knights, LCSW, "The M-Powerment Coach," is an author, speaker, and life & business strategist that has been developing personal and professional development programs for youth and adults for the last 15 years. Her expertise and background in both business and social work, uniquely equip her to teach others how to deal with both the "head work" and "heart work" required to succeed in business and in life.

Through her work, she helps individuals get MOTIVATED to unlock their passion and purpose and move beyond negative, limiting belief systems; start MOVING to design their authentic action plan; and gain MOMENTUM to create the life they desire.

As a life and business strategist, she helps service-provider entrepreneurs package their expertise for profit without losing themselves in the process. As a professional speaker and trainer, Laura connects with various audiences to inspire them, and find common ground to lead them on a path of learning and self-discovery.

Laura has assisted hundreds of people through her M-Powered workshop series, business training modules and mastermind groups, and popular coaching programs—where she teaches people how to create a life and business of meaning and purpose that transforms their self-identity, work, and wealth.

Laura received her Bachelor's in Business Administration from Washington University in St. Louis, and her Masters in Social Work from DePaul University. She is the owner of Laura E. Knights Coaching and Consulting, the Founder of the Dream Builders Mastermind Circle for new and emerging women entrepreneurs, co-author of The Entrepreneur Within book series, and the creator and author of The Destined D.I.V.A. Lifestyle System.
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